How to Obtain a US Passport for Traveling Abroad

US Passport

Hells yes. Thinking about traveling abroad? The legal drinking age is 18 and the girls are wild, but there will be no play for you unless you have a valid US Passport.

How do I obtain a passport? How much does it cost? How long does it take?

These are the questions we’ll answer after the jump!

First off, unless you need it yesterday, your best bet is to obtain a Passport through the US Government. These private passport services you find online can be expensive, albeit fast and easy, but with something as important as a Passport you want to go the safe route.

Step 1: Go to a FedEx Kinkos, any pharmacy or photo-mat and get a passport photo taken. This usually costs $5 – $10, which is cheaper than the $15 a post office will charge.

Step 2: Use this Locator to find the closest Post Office that accepts passport applications.

Step 3: Complete and print this Passport Application Form in advance to abbreviate your visit to the Post Office.

Step 4: Drop off your Passport photo, the Application and pay the fee and they will process your Passport.

The Passport itself is going to run you $100 and take about 2 months to process. If you are in rush you may request the Department of State’s Expedited Passport Processing Service for an additional $60. The Expedited Passport Processing Service takes about 3 weeks.

This means if you are planning of traveling to South Africa you must apply for your passport by February 2010.

All other questions can be answered on the US Government Passport website.

Good luck and happy travels.


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