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Is David Beckham The Anti-Hero The MLS Needs?

David Beckham

David Beckham’s well publicized feud with Landon Donovan has made him one of the most hated athletes in America.

In last night’s friendly against AC Milan Beckham got into a scrap with Galaxy fans who were heckling the superstar. The Offside Rules has attained video of Beckham nearly jumping into the crowd to confront members of the Galaxy’s Riot Squadwatch the video here.

Many would argue that the Galaxy’s Beckham experiment has failed miserably but over the last month the eyes of America have been geared toward the sport to see what will happen next. Even if the subject of discussion involves bashing one of the world’s most notable athletes MLS fans seem more emotionally attached to the sport than ever.

I’ve asked a few professional soccer players whether or not they believe the exposure and emotion created by the David Beckham saga might actually be good for the MLS and the response is unanimous, 100% yes!

As the old adage says, “any publicity is good publicity” and at this point any exposure is good exposure for the MLS. Let’s just hope Beckham has what it takes to keep up his polarizing ways and continue being the villainous anti-hero the league needs.

Photos below: Galaxy’s friendly vs A.C. Milan (click thumbnail to view full sized)




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