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Professional Athletes Causing Trouble Via Twitter

Brian ChingBack in March NBA star Charlie Villanueva sent out a Tweet at half time during a game against the Celtics and this really pissed off his coach. It also marked the first time a professional athlete’s Twitter usage caused controversial headlines. Since Villanueva’s remarks many athletes have been fines or reprimanded for causing trouble via 140 characters or less.

The MLS recently smacked Houston Dynamo star Brian Ching with a $500 fine for a comment he made on his Twitter page regarding a controversial call by a ref during their game vs Seattle. “Ref in seattle just cheated the dynamo. What a joke. Not even close. Ref is a cheat,” said Ching.

Chad Johnson Ochocinco also joined the party when he declared that he wanted to Tweet during NFL games, and the NFL already gave him a very firm “no.” But he says he plans on doing it anyway.

I know there are more athletes that have created controversy via Twitter, please remind me of any instances in the comment section.

Check out Brian Ching’s Twitter page and view his off the field photos in our Us National Team Revealed feature.


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US National Team Revealed : July 1-15

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Do you ever wonder what the US National team players are like off the field? Well now you can get a behind the scenes look at their daily lives away from the team twice a month with “US National Team Revealed.”

This week we feature photos from Stu Holden, Sacha Kljestan, Brian Ching and Charlie Davies – enjoy!

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